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WP Support

Client WP Support Gold Coast
Year 2023
Role Web Design & Development
Based in Gold Coast, Australia, WordPress Support is a trusted agency offering support and expertise to ensure seamless and efficient functioning of your WordPress website.
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The primary objectives of the project were to increase conversion rates, and establish the client as a reputable authority in the WordPress support domain.

In order to create a more user-friendly experience, we opted for a direct and straightforward approach, ensuring that users could easily access and find essential information regarding the services offered by our client and the associated costs. By prioritizing visibility and accessibility, we designed the website layout in such a way that prominently displayed key details related to the client's services and their pricing structure.




To accomplish this, we focused on the design and placement of key elements, such as clear and concise service descriptions, transparent pricing information, and prominently displayed calls-to-action.

By presenting this information upfront and in a visually appealing manner, we aimed to capture users' attention and provide them with the necessary details at a glance.

Furthermore, we employed effective visual hierarchy techniques to emphasize the essential information related to services and pricing. By utilizing appropriate typography, contrasting colors, and strategically positioned elements, we guided users' attention towards the most critical aspects of the website, making it easier for them to evaluate the services and associated costs.